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I really appreciate her perspective on our oceans and the duality of tourism and island life.


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Both the good and the not-so-good. The series Real other episodes include Malibu, CA; Aspen, CO, Savannah, GA and Nantucket, MA — Watch the series here focuses on not just the negatives of a tourist destination, but it celebrates those who are working to make a difference in their own little piece of paradise. Is this the entire St Croix story? Of course not. But, I think this piece touches on some of the highlights of her story that we can dig into further. Surf through our pages to discover things to do and places to stay and create your own real St Croix Adventure!

We love sharing information about the gorgeous island of St Croix and hope you find this virgin islands travel guide fun to read and easy to use.

‘The Goldbergs’ 1990s-Set Spinoff Pilot To Air As Episode Of ABC Series

The restaurants, tours, accommodations and products featured on My-StCroix. Unsurprisingly, this style of debt peonage has reverberating effects across all labor markets. Researchers at UCLA have theorized that it leads to the depression of labor standards and to the displacement of other workers. It does unsurprisingly little to deter serious and violent crime.

Moreover, it is a drain on public resources without much gain. Jurisdictions across the country, and especially in California, should reverse this trend by adopting laws that do not punish poverty. There must be a dramatic retooling of the way that court debt is imposed, or else the current system is doomed to create permanent barriers to economic security long after incarceration.

The criminalization of poverty has become a sadly familiar topic. Largely overlooked, however, has been the related criminalization of unemployment. In the past, unemployment was criminalized under the rubric of vagrancy prosecutions and related forms of racially-targeted labor control. Today, such practices have returned in new forms.

Dream of Italy Season 2: Full Florence Episode

In many ways, these work requirements parallel the more familiar ones in public benefits programs, where people risk losing income support if they do not work enough. The most straightforward examples come from probation, parole, and other forms of criminal justice supervision that operate outside the confines of prison. As Yale Law School professor Fiona Doherty has been documenting , work requirements are a pervasive feature of these systems. Failure to work can violate the terms of supervision—and create a path back to jail.

On any given day, some 9, Americans are behind bars for violating probation or parole requirements to have a job. In practice, this is a question of labor standards: Which jobs should someone be allowed to reject? Those that pay below the prevailing wage?

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Have erratic schedules incompatible with childcare? Subject workers to retaliation for organizing? And this is exactly what happens. A study of Wisconsin welfare reform found similar downward pressure on earnings. An even stronger analogy to work requirements in aid programs comes from court-ordered debts, such as child support obligations and criminal justice fines and fees.

For means-tested benefits, lacking income is why the government gives you money as assistance.

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Notably, that suspicion is thoroughly shaped by racial stereotyping. Take child support enforcement, for example. Most states construe child support obligations as a duty to earn enough to pay. These similarities include shocking disparities of race and class, with African-American fathers ten times more likely than other fathers to be jailed for child support. Detecting voluntary unemployment is notoriously difficult.

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The more you distrust those who say they cannot find jobs, the more tempting it is to surveil them. That is one legacy of persistent racial stereotypes concerning labor discipline.

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This sort of surveillance is a crucial function of employment programs, even when they are bundled with services, which often have dubious value. When participation in employment programs is mandatory, they generally are designed to push people to accept jobs they can already find, or to blame them for not finding any—not to improve their employment prospects in a meaningful way.

When no jobs are available, the next step is to create a degraded tier of second-class work. Today, we see something similar happening with criminal justice debt. This policy already is in place in Los Angeles, where every year an estimated , people are ordered to work for free or go to jail. A federal judge upheld a similar policy in a recent New York case.

As with workfare, these forced labor programs are triply unfair. First, they extract valuable work from citizens while stripping them of fair treatment and respect. Second, they perpetuate an unjust definition of voluntary unemployment. The proper test for willingness to work is willingness to work at a minimally decent job, not willingness to work for free without labor protections.

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Third, by creating a class of unprotected, coerced labor, they undermine the labor market for everyone. Employers have every incentive to substitute this new labor force for ordinary employees, or to extract concessions from workers by threatening to replace them. New York City did both under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who cut unionized public sector jobs while turning to a massive workfare program to maintain services.

Welfare reform taught antipoverty advocates to take low-wage work and unemployment seriously. Today, we must take that line of thinking one step further to include racialized mass incarceration, not just as a barrier to good jobs but as an enforcer of bad ones. Why was Mr. Next up on the agenda…the Louvre! We had read about an underground entrance to the Louvre that usually had a shorter line than at the outdoor pyramid. The Louvre is clearly marked on the Metro line and we followed the signs from the train to the underground shopping area. I got in line while my husband happily visited the Starbucks.

The line itself is for security and, once inside, there are several ticket counters and self-serve kiosks. Most people went from security line to ticket line but if you have a credit card you can use the kiosks with little or no line. That part was much easier than battling the selfie sticks around the Mona Lisa.

The balance comes in the food as well — sometimes caving into a little comfort food from a fast food chain can make all the difference for the kids after a long day of touring, while still reserving plenty of chances to try the local foods as well. Paris can be a fantastic destination for families with a little planning and balancing! After eight years as an executive at online travel giant Expedia, Kristin Graham set off this summer for a travel sabbatical with her family.

Kristin has been telling stories since she borrowed a typewriter in elementary school. After 20 years writing for companies, she took a sabbatical from corporate life to travel with her husband and their two boys. Share this post:.