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It took my company a while to come around, but last year they offered anyone who wanted to work remotely that opportunity. My office is 14 miles from home and since I work splits, that change has effectively saved me from driving 56 miles a day! Check out Craigslist for bikes and biking accessories. My daughter weighs almost 40 lbs so I decided to get a bike trailer rather than a seat.

After putting a wanted ad on Craigslist, I found a brand new brand new, tags and all! I hardly drove at all before I had a child. Western states are hardly car-lite friendly, since everything is soooo spread out and public transit is limited. How on earth do people do that? Using a scooter or motorcycle is a great alternative to owning a car. A friend in Sacramento recently sold her car and is scooting and biking around town now. She loves it!

And thank you. I love the Totcyle website. When I started cycling again, I slowly increased my millage over 2 or 3 months.

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Kristin — thanks for reading RowdyKittens! And I dig your suggestions. Sarah — Are there any cycling organizations in your city? And they are constantly pushing public officials to include more bike lanes on roadways. In fact, I find being in stop and go traffic as a passenger more stressful than riding a bus while reading a book.

I also pull out my old lady cart for errands when that makes it more comfortable. Bicycling helps a lot with transportation.

Starting a more simple life

Chicago easily beats SF in transit. SF is definitely safer for cycling. I would recommend learning to ride as part of traffic which Chicago, sadly, does not encourage. It will make you feel safer on the road. I really think people in urban places in the US drive much more than is necessary. Ohhh yikes! Her blog has a wealth of information on cycling and navigating the Chicago streets. I like these tips. I already felt like every time I drive my car I can hear the money draining out of my wallet.

At least in New York, the majority of the population is more accustomed to taking the transit. Anyhow, interesting article. I just moved a week and a half ago from the suburbs of Cincinnati into a more urban part of the city, and going car-lite is one of my primary goals now. I already love being able to walk to so many places.

Taking the bus more is my next step. Should be interesting to see how that works out. Michael — Ohhh I forgot about Zipcar. I talked about car sharing services in my book and Zipcar is fantastic. Brett — I know what you mean. And those are only numbers related to the individual. The amount of money spent on maintaining roads, dealing with environmental problems and poor health due to cars is astounding. Jarrod — Thanks! Where in the south do you live? I believe the bloggers are based out of Alabama.

If you have any questions about bike related stuff, feel free to email me. I feel I should comment just to represent the car-free. I live in a city with a good subway and bus system, and between that and my feet I can get nearly everywhere. Last fall, after many years here, I finally bought a bicycle. In general, I consider living without a car to be a wonderful life-hack, even though I do carry heavy things around in my backpack more often than my car-enabled friends.

Ditto to what Michael Rakowski said — Zipcar is another great option, for those in urban areas who need a car every now and then. While I love the concept, I researched the car free idea. I live 20 miles away from work and there are no bus routes or rail links out here. Shame really. On the flip side the car costs me very little.

Running on LPG offers me a tax break as the emissions are much lower.

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The car is also low on insurance too. Very nice for those who live and work close together, good luck to them! Just offering an alternative to those who are stuck using the car maybe a good idea. Hopefully a couple with resonate with everyone and motivate more people to give up their cars even here in central Europe. Currently I only really use my car at weekends, as I work from home.

I know the article was go lite rather than free, well I am lite and looking at going free. Two problems I keep running into are lack of cycle lanes and dangerous, narrow roads and dire public transport here in the UK. I was forced off the roads before by cars, back in my triathlon days, and am not looking forward to facing that battle again. I just stumbled upon this. Kudos to you for a nice concise post.

Minimalism: Why I Sold Everything And You Should Too

I live in Chicago and I am pretty much car-free I borrow one when I need one. Two suggestions for anyone thinking about this: 1. I live a block and a half away from one and it is like my own car. That includes GAS. I use Clear for my Internet connection. Oh yeah -and I have two kids 6 and 3. The LOVE the bus. From fresh air and birdsong to talking with people we would never even have met in our car — and really enjoying chats with them, even learning local history!

So many tiny yet beautiful experiences that have made us feel very much a part of our local community as well as simply happier. Going carless or even car light in my area is not really feasible. There is no public transportation. I live 22 miles from my workplace.

How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All

There is NO way to get there by bicycle. You must travel some part of the journey on an Interstate highway. My wife lives more than 5 miles from work. At least some portion must be traveled on a 6 lane highway. We both work 2nd shift so the way home is well after dark.

Also, in the summer it is not unusual for the temperature to reach degrees F or more. All I have thought about lately is how much money I am going to have to put into this car Cracked windshield, broken windshield wiper, dying battery, gas, insurance, sticker, etc. My bike is still in Fort Worth, but I could even just buy a new one with the money I was saving to buy insurance! Texas is hot, but it is usually nice enough to ride i. I think I might give this a try, and maybe get my roomates to join me! I think it depends on the public transportation available.

In some places, it takes times as long to get where you are going, and not all people have that type of time. If the public transportation was as efficient as NY or London from what I heard , more people would rely less on their cars. Also, renting a car when needed was not mentioned. This option allows people to have cars on an as-needed basis, and drive cars they would not normally be able to afford- to make driving fun again and not just a burden.

Moreover, many people in urban areas leave their cars parked for days, paying for something they only use part of the time—which makes a combo of renting, public transportation, car pooling, and perhaps motorscooters are more sensible alternative. My car is more then most peoples house payment but I think we are still car light, because we have only 1 car when we could have two. I am a sahm, my husband works from home and we home school so we really do not use it often.

It is huge, safe, comfortable and easy for our oldest to get to the third row. After 2 car wrecks both totaling the cars, the most recent in a very safe SUV that my husband insisted on for safety reasons and not price wise we got hit by two different cars, my infant daughter, myself and my pregnant friend were ok, everyone else hauled off bloody on stretchers. Safety can be priority, and expenisve safe large car for use provides what makes us happy and to feel like we are keeping our kids safe the cost isnt the issue.

We feel we still live simply based on having 1 car and our living situation when we could afford two cars its seems like a waste of money we dont each need our own cars to sit in the driveway when we are both home. We combine errands because we dont like wasting gas, time or money. I can afford gas thats not the point. Likely we are not as simplified as many but we are learning all the time and improving : and I like this site hehehe. I live in the most dangerous area as far as bad driving is concerned and many cyclists are hit. I wish our public transport was better but, as many people know, the system in LA leaves pretty much everything to be desired.

I feel like going car-lite or car free would be impossible in my current situation. I guess, for now, I will keep looking for a smaller car even though mine is much smaller than the average car already. Does anyone have any LA advice for me? Great advice, but I find there is no advice for people who want to go down a car and have small children. I have two daughters 3 yrs and 4 mos and I can hardly walk or bike with a trailer everywhere with them and actually accomplish anything, such as grocery shopping.

By car-smart I refuse to say smart car , I mean selling what you may have and getting a car based on mpg. I am an avid traveller and outdoorsman. I needed 2 things out of my car: 1- to be able to carry a lot of gear I am also a screen printer so I deliver boxes to local clients at a time 2-great gas mileage. Those are difficult things to find in 1 automobile.

It took a lot of looking, but I did find exactly what I was looking for. Cut it in half, and honestly I drive more now that I am able to. You will be amazed by how much room is in a Fit — more than a Jeep — Easy! Great post! Thx for writing! He is bicycling everywhere on his days off. I have been scheduling as much of my work as possible either from home or the office 3 miles from home so I can bike there.

After my kids are grown, we plan to relocate to a small apartment near the light rail Here in Phoenix…. Hoping everyone can finds at least a small way to use your vehicles less. Best wishes every one!!! For us, car lite is one car. I have problems with bringing myself to leave the house sometimes, so walking and public transportation are out. Plus, if I go too long without getting groceries, there is no way I can get all of that into my backpack. I think I go twice roughly every 12 days, big trips and then gap-filling trips.

Our family of 5 has been car-light for 5 years and car-free for the last 6 months. We have saved so much money. We are in a tight spot right now and keeping transportation costs down have really helped. The extra time is not that big of a deal, especially since my kids just scream in the car seat. Now I get to play with them during that time instead.

My husband spends the most time commuting and uses the time to study. At this time I am still working the bugs out of the motorized bicycle which requires no license or insurance here. But, I live rural where there is no commuter service and occasionally has been down to f in the winter with often icy roads that I will not consider a 2 wheel form of transportation. I did walked from town one time and it took 2 hours. Insurance companies do not seem to like to insure you motor vehicle for less than 8 months either. However by buying a cheap good used car for winter, keeps the insurance rates down and no car payments.

I do own the biggest SUV gas sucker out there though, and have been thinking of finally downsizing. Work and shopping are anywhere from 10 — 30 miles from my home. As far as function, I load my SUV up with all sorts of mess. I also pull a trailer to scrap metal, move scenery for productions, and more. My SUV is such a tool. Car-free is a total impossibility for many people. Even car-lite can be highly impractical, time-wasting, and even expensive. When you live in a city with terrible public transport some suburbs do not have any public transport, plus it is expensive and the time-table terrible!

This just can't wait card has helped my IBS. Gave me confidence to go outside known I can go to a near by shop and go in without having to buy something then use toilet, or perhaps go out without wearing my incontinence pads. Thank you!!!! Thank you - and top marks for excellent service. A fantastic way of finding others with similar issues and learning new tricks n tips for getting by in everyday life.

It's a great way of looking after yourself, in these days of so many medical problems, I personal think. Thank you for my card I have not had chance to use it yet! I'm very impressed with how quick my card was delivered and free too! It makes life that little bit easier. Thank you. Thank you so much for my card. It has given me that little bit more confidence to leave the safe space of my house knowing that i can use my card when needed.

Nice useful card. I have a high output stoma so need to make use of a toilet more than most people. It will be a god send. Card arrived very quick. It will help when I'm caught short in certain places when I show this card they will allow me to use their toilet facilities. Gives reassurance knowing I actually leave my home knowing I have a back up just in case I need it.

Life changing to be honest.

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  4. Hi i just love this card, i got to use it today while i was at a hospital appointment, so im taking it with me tonight, to our fibro me class, so i can spread the word, thanks for making it so easy, big hugs all round,Ivan. I have used my "Just Can't wait" card on numerous occasions. Their support group on Facebook is also amazing. They are very very helpful. Hello, I haven't had to use the card yet, but just knowing I've got it makes me feel safer, however when out and about a radar key would be quite handy.

    I am sure when I need to use the card, it will come as a great help. To know I can go out and about without searching for toilets will make such a difference to me. Excellent as having a cant wait card helps with the peace of mind whilst out and about. This card gives me peace of mind and eliminates that panicky reeling, that you get when you need a toilet quickly.

    The card is great Showing it speeds up the situation and saves and helps with embarrassment and makes people aware thank you. Was a bit sceptical about the card and whether or not people would take it seriously but recently whilst in a shop with no access to public toilets, the card allowed me to receive permission to use a staff toilet, this has happened twice, cannot recommend enough.

    Not used it yet. The card has took the stress away of going out,as I can go out not having to worry about finding a toilet at short notice. The card came incredibly fast. This will be really gud for me when I need to go into places. What a fantastic community. I found it on an MS group that I follow on Facebook to other my toilet card and key.

    Want to Be Debt-Free? You Can Do This!

    It arrived promptly and a phone call from Tom was extremely informative and also friendly. He understood my needs immediately and organised my next steps. Excellent service and thank you! The online registration was really easy to use. The card arrived a couple days later. Very pleased with the service.

    I have used it and so far there has been no issues. This has changed my life for when I'm out and about. Not having to note where all the ladies rooms are. Than you. They were kind enough to tell me where the nearest one was but it was too far away! They had never seen the card before! A lot of people had never heard of it! Hopefully they will get the card too! It's an amazing community, after suffering with coeliac disease for 5 years I wasn't aware we qualified for the card, the card takes a weight of my shoulder in sticky situation when my coeliac plays up.

    The coeliac community are so grateful for having things like this to help us. I am very pleased to get my card,thank you. If i get glutened,which can be anytime eating out,i am ill the next day and i might need it. I received my just can't wait card last week with it being sent out within a couple of days, I haveused it a few times since having it and the retailers, shop keepers, pubs have all been very helpful and supportive when showing the card. I think these cards are a fantastic idea and I now don't have to worry so much when im nowhere near a public loo, thank you so much for this fantastic aid it really is a lifesaver X.

    This has been a God send for me,in my home town people know I've got crohn's and need the toilet asap but it's when I'm out of town that the card is needed most. Thank you for sending me one. My 'Can't wait' card was delivered within a few days of ordering. Simply knowing that I have this in my handbag is helping the stress associated with my IBS. So thankful for this card. Since receiving it a fortnight ago, it has come in useful twice.

    Thank you for your assistance. Shame some people are still ignorant about these matters. I was very impressed with the available information and have found the just can't wait card a great help. It receives the stress and embarrassment of having to ask to use facilities. It is a passport aid to have access to use these facilities. Have only been with the comm for a short while,still awaiting test results. The card is amazing,thankyou,and such a good idea. Excellent thank you it is very useful I have had one before and it is very useful in certain places thank you.

    I have just received my Can't wait card. I have had occasion to use it but have felt much more reassured while away on holiday..

    Books with a similar title

    Great community to be a part of. Although I haven't had to use this card yet, I am sure it will come in very useful to me. Your service has been very good and I received my card very quickly after ordering. Thank you very much! I like to thank you it is absolutely brilliant and very easy saved a lot of time trying to find a toilet very easy to use. I would like to thank you so much for the card and support of group that you kindly sent me link to. I feel so much better and even though my symptoms will probably never change, I feel better with support of group and card to show if need to use facilities.

    Very grateful and would recommend anyone with symptoms mentioned contacts you. Received card very quickly, also a telephone call to ask if I would like my medications delivered, discreetly, along with a call each month to see what I need The service i get with bladder and bowel is out of this world i learn more in one phone then I did in the year i been with the other company thank you so much.

    Looks very impressive only had it a week not needed to try it as yet. I keep it with my phone that way I know where it is in an emergency. Now I have this card, it has made me more confident when out, so thankyou very much for sending the card.